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Motion Control for Modula Sliders
Motion Control for Modula Sliders
Thanks to this excellent kit, compatible only with MODULA sliders, you can upgrade your One Series slider. In a handful of minutes, you can motorize your slider and make extremely fluid slides; don’t worry about power feeding problem: a battery pack with 12-hour working time is integrated in the controller.
2 motors with different different gear ratios: 55 R.P.M. and 09 R.P.M., easily interchangeable
Controller which completes electronics and long-lasting accumulators, which has two functions, Tracking Shot and Time Lapse with 3 different operating modes: Loop, Sync, No Stop.
Extremely precise and fluid tracking shots; opportunity to manage speed, direction, acceleration and slowing- down ramps.
SMS (Shoot Move Shoot) Technology that allows the possibility to use any exposure time, with no worry about blurry.
Technical Data:
Motor 55 Min Speed 0,94 in/s (24 mm/sec)
Motor 55 Max Speed 3,93 in/s (100 mm/sec)
Motor 55 Horizontal Load ± 22 lb (10 kg)
Motor 55 Vertical Load ± 2,5 lb (2,5 kg)
Motor 55 Minimum Shift 0,15” (0,4 mm)
Motor 09 Min Speed 0,078 in/s (2 mm/sec)
Motor 09 Max Speed 0,39 in/s (10 mm/sec)
Motor 09 Horizontal Load ± 66,1 lb (30 kg)
Motor 09 Vertical Load ± 15,4 lb (7,0 kg)

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