Video crew for events and productions

We provide cameramen, lighting technicians, steadicam and crane operators, dolly operators, as well as directors, assistant directors and DoPs.

MediaMaking provides its own specialized crew for events, video shoots, indoor and outdoor filming. Cameramen, lighting technicians, focus pullers, steadicam and crane operators, dolly operators will help you manage your equipment, from editing to supervising its performance during the shoot. We collaborate with directors, assistant directors and DoPs who will be able to bring their expertise to the sets, following the project in all its phases. You can also rely on us to install lights and secure cables, extensions and equipment: we will send our best electricians to the set. Finally, we can provide sound engineers with their own equipment for direct sound capture.

Troupe video per eventi

Our video crew


Crane operator

Dolly operator

Lighting technicians and electricians

Sound engineers

Make-up artists and hair stylists



Do you want to rely on MediaMaking’s video crew for your production?

For more information or requests, please write to us. Our experts will get back to you as soon as possible.


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