Cine crane for live broadcast

Cine crane up to 12m long for rent for events, shows, concerts, horizontal and moving shots.

MediaMaking provides a Broadcast Live service, supported by a professional and qualified staff, able to use different kinds of equipment sometimes essential for certain needs. One of these is, for example, the Cine Crane, a mechanical arm that allows shooting from above, indispensable for events such as concerts and shows of various kinds. We have Cine Crane available from 2,5 up to 12 m long, just to ensure maximum coverage for any kind of need, and qualified drivers able to make the most of its use, for spectacular shots from all angles. Depending on the production requirements, it is possible a configuration that includes one or two operators. In the first case, the operator operates both the arm and the camera movements, while in the second the arm is operated by a machinist while the operator operates the motorized head via a separate station.

Cine crane per broadcast, eventi e spettacoli
Live broadcast con cine crane

We have Cine Cranes from 2,5 up to 12 m in length and skilled operators who can exploit them for spectacular shots from all angles. In particular, the 12m crane proves to be very versatile and high-performance, with reduced assembly time and maximum torsion resistance. In addition to the 3-axis remotely controlled head, a specific grip is available for the DJI Ronin 2. In both configurations, the operator can comfortably manage the shots from the ground while the driver controls the arm movements.

Live broadcast con cine crane

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