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Storyboards and set designs

Realization of storyboards, creative concepts and set designs for video, TV and cinema.

Set design for video sets

The set is a visual element that recreates an atmosphere and is able to give a unique look to the shoot. We offer solutions for the most diverse set requirements, thanks to our collaboration with different set designers who will first prepare a sketch or a mood board and then dedicate themselves to designing the operational phase. The set designer will take care of the creation of custom sets with ad hoc fittings, completing the service with a search of furnishings and props that are aligned with the required design style. We can also create three-dimensional signs/logos, reproductions and enlargements of objects or mockups of products for video or photo shoots. We are also able to design and create ingenious scenic solutions of great communicative impact for any type of event: exhibitions, commercials, fashion shows and television sets.

Allestimento scenografie produzioni video

Storyboard Creation

In the field of video production we also offer the service of storyboard creation. This is an essential phase of the creative process, which allows to visualise the original idea in images, to establish it and to assess different possibilities for its creation, finding for example the best or the most easily achievable framing for it. All frames are accompanied by the necessary information, such as the duration of the scene, the characters and the chosen location. The storyboard and the script are fundamental for the creation of the video; so in the pre-production phase it is already possible to have a fairly precise idea of the final result. The storyboard can also be an excellent ally for commercial or corporate videos: it allows you to visualise how the brand will appear and what importance it will have, and thus to understand how it will be perceived and what impact it will have on the viewer. MediaMaking accompanies you with its experience and creativity in this pre-production phase, making use of expert collaborators along the way.

Realizzazione storyboard, script e scenografie per produzioni video

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