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Using audiovisual language has become essential for communication and in order to emerge, you need to be able to grab the attention quickly. This is why our team of specialists manages the entire process of content creation, from creating the concept to finalizing it

video PRODUCTIONs: storyboard, DIRECTON, casting AND location

We know how powerful the audiovisual medium is. This is why we have been lending our expertise in this sector for a number of years in order to create different types of products: feature films, short films, TV series, TV productions, commercials, promos and corporate videos, filming of concerts and theatrical performances, shows and fashion shows, backstage films. Our video department offers a full service in the area of technology and experience: the design phase, a fundamental piece of any well-structured work, consists of creating storyboards and direction, which then materialize in a careful choice of location and choice of the participants thanks to the the casting team’s organisation skills. The executive phase, on the other hand, provides the adequate means and executive skills: MediaMaking insources all the latest and highest quality equipment for its video shoots.

Creative videos

Business and corporate videos

Video courses and lessons

Medical and surgical interventions

Live events

Fashion shows

Backstage videos

TV series and television productionse


Filming of concerts / shows

Original videos

Our team is available for the production of short films, feature films, TV series, television productions, social network content, web series or video clips. The experience we have acquired over the years allows us to recognise the different production dynamics and the expectations relative to the means of content dissemination. We collaborate with authors and copywriters who will find the right creative idea and develop it, from concept to script, while our producers will follow the production process in full detail. All our proposals are written and calibrated so that they meet the project’s creative need and communicative intent, whilst always keeping an eye on the budget and timing.
Original video, lungometraggi, cortometraggi, web series

Business e corporate videos

The key to being the best on the market is having video content that is always new and relevant.This is why each of our products is the result of the analysis of current trends and customer needs. We shoot and edit engaging videos,centred on brand identity. They can help paint corporate images or they could be reports of an event, a fair or a conference; they could also be more technical, such as video guides to effectively explain how a product or service works. We are fully autonomous in producing commercials and web commercials for companies, thanks to our network of professionals and freelancers: directors, cinematographers and operators with whom we have a relationship of trust. Finally, in addition to a team of experts, we can boast with equipment that guarantees the highest quality, including 4K and 6K cameras, optics, dollies and cranes, lights and grips, radio microphones and drones.

Video Courses and Lessons

Being able to manage distance learning is becoming increasingly important, as is the need to provide well-structured and clear quality content. Videos have also become fundamental for training: interviews, courses, tutorials, motion graphics can come to the rescue for those who want to produce highly educational content that is also fresh and pleasant to watch. They can be used on e-learning platforms, to enrich their social channels or for internal company communication.

Medical Video Productions

MediaMaking offers the service of medical filming and surgery in the operating room. Filming takes place in compliance with hospital, doctor and patient regulations, using the best technology available. Filming a surgery allows you to share the results and procedures in a simple and practical way, eliminating the distance between the various centres of excellence in medical research. Furthermore, the sharing capacity is increased, eliminating the space limitations of an operating room that could not accommodate a large number of students and researchers. The video recording of a risky intervention is also the best documentary proof of the correct execution of the intervention itself. This possibility protects operators and healthcare organisations from having to face serious legal and compensation consequences as it can demonstrate, at any level of judgment, the correct execution of the surgery. It is also possible to request the services of video editing and, if applicable, the insertion of commentary and music.

Music videos

Whatever your sound, MediaMaking focuses on it, creating visual suggestions that speak about you, which amplify your musical message, help your live activity and the diffusion of your music, and leave a trace in the hearts of your fans. MediaMaking is at your disposal with all its creativity, professionalism and cutting-edge technical equipment to help you create a unique and engaging music video , a sound story to be shared globally. Let your music inspire us, we will help you put it on stage.

Fashion Show Video Productions

Our experience in the field of fashion shows allows us to provide an excellent service and to meet all the needs that a catwalk requires, including the creation of backstage videos, fitting videosand photographic reports. Our process always involves selecting the most suitable types of video equipment, such as remote head cranes, truss, lighting and grip cranes, which complement a 360° service with Full HD and Ultra HD 4K and 8K multi-channel direction. We take care of post-production and upon request we can create a live editing with PGM delivery on SSD and/or HDD at the end of the show. It is possible to integrate the service with the fashion show’s broadcast; our direction manages up to 20 cameras with a real time preview.
video produzione sfilate di moda

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