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Broadcast service and live direction for events

MediaMaking provides a full broadcast and live direction service for events in the field of entertainment, sports, corporate conferences and many more

Broadcast service and live direction: areas of application

Live broadcasts find application in a variety of contexts: sports events, cultural events, fashion shows, concerts, corporate conventions and more. At MediaMaking, we are experts in the field of live direction; we lend our professionalism and our quality equipment to guaranteeing our customers an end result that can fully satisfy them.
Broadcast service - telecamere e attrezzature

Sporting Events

Football matches, tennis, basketball, car racing, skating…

live concerts

We offer coverage of small and large music events, festivals and concerts.

Fashion Shows

We have a consolidated experience in the field of catwalks and we can cater to all the specific needs for fashion brands.

Corporate events

Conventions, meetings, product presentations, press conferences


The broadcast lends itself to transmitting all the intensity of a live event on the stage of a theatre, be it a show, opera or other kinds of performances

Television studios

We can set up our studios with the specific equipment and operators necessary for the broadcast

4k broadcast cameras and state-of-the-art equipment

Our cameras are equipped with an image sensor designed for both HD and Ultra HD and allow for amazing textures and details, accurate skin tones, vibrant colors and high-quality dynamic range videos. These features mean that post-production becomes an added value and not a necessity. In addition to the cameras, we use special broadcast lenses of reduced dimensions and low weight. Despite their small size, they offer an incredible shift in focal length (up to 36x). They are particularly suitable for live sports and report shoots thanks to the fast and precise zoom and focus controls.

Crane up to 12 meters

For even more spectacular shots, we provide various solutions such as cranes with three-axis remote heads up to 12m. They are essential for aerial shots of events such as concerts or shows.

Dolly on wheels or master tracks

We also provide dollies on wheels or master tracks to take smooth moving shots or steadicams with an operator to give the shot a cinematic quality.

Multichannel video mixers

With our mixers, required to keep a live event under control, it is possible to manage up to 40 separate sources in different resolutions (from 576i to 8K) and distribute the signal over multiple channels.

Switchers and matrices

We have switchers and matrices that help for a fast and easy distribution of the video signal up to 8K and up/down scaling signal converters with more than 1,000 possible combinations.

Broadcast crew with professional staff

MediaMaking provides access to our own professional and qualified staff who are qualified to use different types of equipment. Our crew has looked after the management of various live shows and is now a close-knit team, which is fundamental for the success of a broadcast event. The crew generally consists of: a director, camera operators, audio technicians (sound engineers), crane and dolly grips. Depending on the needs and the size of the event, we can integrate the necessary number of operators and other assistants needed to provide a full coverage. We only work with professionals who have great experience and expertise.


Creative director

Author / authors

Event direction

Light designer

Light operator


Projector / Ledwall Operator

Video Mixer Operator

Video / Graphic Contributions

Camera Operators

Event Sound Engineer

Stage Sound Engineer


Stage Manager


ENG Crew for live anywhere

For the live transmission of news, interviews and events of any kind from remote locations, we can supply the WMT, Aviwest, Comrex or Live-U backpacks of our ENG Troupe. This technology, taking advantage of broadband, allows you to go live anywhere, even on the move and very quickly. These live broadcast backpacks eliminate the need for a satellite uplink, being designed to broadcast high quality live images quickly and even on the go.

Do you want to rely on the MediaMaking broadcast service and live direction for your live broadcasts?

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