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Dollies and Tracks with Operators and Stagehands

MediaMaking offers different types of dollies, master tracks and tubular tracks of various lengths and sizes.


The cinematographic Dolly is a trolley on which a camera or a video camera can be mounted, guaranteeing smooth moving footage. It needs tracks on which it can be towed by one or more stagehands and, in addition to the weight of the camera, it must also bear the weight of an operator. For these reasons, it is a machine to be handled with extreme care, and MediaMaking provides its own Dollies and rails, but also operators and stagehands who know how to handle them perfectly, guaranteeing an optimal result for your video recordings. The Dolly is also compatible with different types of Crane for potentially complex aerial shots.


tHE movietech 4×4 

We have different types of dollies available, including MovieTech’s 4×4. This is characterized by many innovations. For example, by simply lifting the push bar, the operator can switch from 2 to 4 steering wheels. A stable stainless steel steering ensures its long life and reliable control. Another highlight of the product is its ease in setting the different positions of the seat and its accessories. With the Dolly 4×4 you can change from pneumatic wheels to rails in no time and without additional accessories. We also have master tracks and tubular tracks of different lengths and sizes.
Noleggio dolly e master tracks con operatori

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