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Video productions of surgical interventions

MediaMaking offers the service of medical filming and surgery in the operating room. Filming is done by our qualified staff.

The possibility of filming a surgical procedure makes it possible to share the results and procedures in a simple and practical way.

The video reproductions of the stages of surgery can be used to educate future surgeons by canceling the distances between the various centers of excellence in medical research.

In addition, sharing skills are increased, eliminating the space limitations of an operating room that could not accommodate a large number of students and researchers.

It is also possible to request the editing of the video and the possible insertion of commentary items and music.

Why can filming surgery be essential?

The video recording of a risky intervention is the best documentary proof of the correct execution of the intervention itself.

Having a video recording of a surgical intervention, in fact, allows you to resolve any legal dispute in the face of a failed surgery.

This possibility puts health workers and healthcare companies safe in the face of serious legal consequences and compensation, being able to demonstrate, in any degree of judgment, the correct execution of the surgery itself.

Filming takes place in compliance with hospital regulations, doctors and patients, making use of the best available technology.