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Angelbird AV Pro CF memory card 256 GB CFast 2.0
Angelbird AV Pro CF memory card 256 GB CFast 2.0
The Angelbird AV Pro CF memory card 256 GB CFast 2.0 is designed for use with Atomos, Blackmagic Design, Phantom, Canon, Hasselblad, and other devices that are compatible with the CFast 2.0 standard, which utilizes the SATA III 6 Gb/s interface. It features sustained read speeds of up to 530 MB/s, sustained write speeds of up to 430 MB/s, Stable Stream technology, over provisioning of ~7.6%, TRIM, EDC/ECC for data reliability, EMS protection, a built-in cache, SMART technology, an MTBF of 2,4 million hours.

This Angelbird AV Pro CF 256 GB has been built with protection against ESD overloads, x-rays, and magnets, as well as a shock resistance of 50 g, a vibration resistance of 3.1 g, and is able to withstand temperatures ranging from 0 °C to 70 °C while operational, or from -40 °C to 85 °C while being stored. While being stored, it can also retain data for up to 10 years at 25 °C.

Storage capacity 256 GB
Card type CFast 2.0
Read speed 560 Mb/s
Write speed 498 Mb/s
Operating temperature 0 °C – +70 °C
Storage temperature -40 °C – +85 °C
Weight 10,0 g
Dimensions 4,3 × 3,6 × 0,3 cm
Compatibility Atomos, Blackmagic Design, Canon, Hasselblad, Phantom, RED, Z CAM and others

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MediaPro platform tray with sunhood for 17″ laptops

It is a perfect, compact solution for on-location setups where critical viewing of your laptop screen is necessary. We designed so that it can adjust for several viewing angles. For a perfect «darkroom» effect it also comes with an extra Dark Cloth which can be attached to the Sunhood and draped over the viewer’s head for detailed screen viewing.

Angelbird AV Pro CFexpress 2.0 memory card 256 GB

The Angelbird AV Pro CF memory card 256 GB is designed for use with devices that are compatible with CFast 2.0, such as Atomos or Blackmagic.

Ruzzola BNC/

Ruzzola BNC/SDI Ruzzola with 100 m BNC cable.

Canon adapter EF-EOS R with drop-in variable ND filter

Extending the range of compatible lenses, this Canon Drop-In Filter Mount Adapter EF-EOS R with Variable ND Filter is a unique lens adapter designed for attaching any EF or EF-S-mount lens to the EOS R mirrorless digital camera.

Angelbird AV Pro microSD memory card 128 GB UHS-II V60 (2 pcs)

Angelbird AV Pro microSD memory card 128 GB, available in a 2-pieces kit, is tested and approved to capture Full HD, 4K, and 6K raw video.

Memory card Sony SxS 32GB

Memory card Sony with 32GB of store capacity.

Memory card converter MicroP2

Memory card converter MicroP2 A Conversion Adapter for Using the microP2 Card. High-speed reading up to 1.0 Gbps.

Canon mount adapter EF-EOS R 0.71x

Canon Mount Adapter EF-EOS R 0.71x permits attaching EF-mount lenses to RF-mount cine and mirrorless cameras, extending the range of compatible lenses while maintaining their original field of view.

Angelbird SSD memory card 500 GB for Blackmagic and Atomos

The Angelbird AV Pro MK3 SSD memory card 500 GB is certified by Atomos and Blackmagic Design for use with their respective platforms.

Cardreader Sony SxS

Cardreader Sony SxS The Sony SxS Card Reader runs on Windows-based PCs and Macintosh computers via a USB 2.0 interface. This compact and portable device comes in handy in many situations on location, for desktop browsing and fully-fledged editing. Specifications...

Memory card Panasonic P2 E series 64GB

Memory card Panasonic P2 E series 64GB

Spigot 1/4» with mounting plate with stud 5/8»

This Kupo spigot 1/4” with mounting plate with stud 5/8” consist of an aluminium disc with a 5/8″ stud and a 1/4” — 20 screw. Compatible with Convi Clamp.

Dual band radio transmitter GT-3TP

23CM High Gain Antenna allows GT-3 Mark III to transmit in 8KM

Laser presentation pointer

Pointer buttons of this laser presentation pointer allow you to move back and forth between power point frames

Cardreader Panasonic P2

Cardreader Panasonic P2 Designed for durable performance in the field, the PCD2 features a ruggedized encasing and comes with two USB 2.0 cables – one for file transfer and one for power, so no separate power supply is required. Specifications Power source DC5V 0.5A...

Adapter ring for lenses Metabones EF-E mount

Metabones Canon EF/Sony E-Mount Conversion ring Canon EF to Sony E-Mount Specifications Contacts for the automatic management of Objective (autofocus, information, diaphragms management, Exif data, stabilization) It supports automatic sensor crop of full frame cameras...

Memory Card Micro SDHC Lexar 32GB 633x

Memory Card Micro SDHC Lexar 32GB 633x

Adapter ring for lenses EF-E mount

Lens converter adapter made of aluminum alloy with bayonet mount

Super Convi clamp KUPO KCP-710 of stainless steel

Kupo Super Convi clamp is made of lightweight cast alloy and can support a payload of 20 kg. It can be securely mounted on any tube from 5 mm to 51 mm.

Angelbird AV Pro CF memory card 128 GB CFast 2.0

The Angelbird AV Pro CF memory card 128 GB is designed for use with devices that are compatible with CFast 2.0, such as Atomos or Blackmagic.

Multi-level plate — 15 kg

This adjustable camera mounting plate quickly and easily achieves levelled shots and eliminates the need for an additional camera head when shooting angled or vertical creative sliding moves.

CFast express 2.0 memory card reader

The CFast express memory card reader from Angelbird allows for the fast ingestion of CFexpress media on systems that support 10 Gb/s USB 3.2.

Memory Card Micro SDXC Kingston 64GB

Memory Card Micro SDXC Kingston 64GB

D-Tap Power cable for Sony FX9

The D-Tap power cable by SmallRig for Sony FX9 is designed to work with the V-mount external battery for FX9.

Magic max arm KCP-101W with wheel handle

Magic max arm KCP-101W by KUPO has a wheel handle and rubber cover. It fully extends to 53,0 cm with net weight of 1kg only.

Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro SSD Recorder

Blackmagic URSA Mini SSD Recorder allows you to record Cinema DNG or ProRes files on standard 2.5 «» SSD disks with URSA Mini and URSA Mini Pro. Easily available, inexpensive, and high capacity, SSD disks store 4K and 4.6K RAW files 12 bit.

Generatore di TC Ultra Sync Timecode System

With its built-in battery, the UltraSync ONE can generate and sync timecode and genlock wirelessly and last for up to 25 hours, long enough for nearly any shooting situation.



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