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AutoPan by Shootools is the first practical electronic panning system that can be used universally to any slider of each length and brand; simple to use is fully programmable according to the specific needs of the user.
Designed to support the needs of filmmakers and professionals, this new ShooTools products is the optimal tool to implement video productions with excellent cinematic effects.
It can be used regardless of manual and motorized slider. It can also be installed on the dolly and is designed to also support video heads
Thanks to its light weight, it can be carried easily anywhere
Being a programmable instrument, it allows the creation of incredible AutoPan panning shots effortless and above all without the use of additional tools
Four types of recovery: target, landscape, spin and async
Standard hole ⅜ «as well as a ¼» pin easily allow the installation AutoPan to the slider or a video head to AutoPan
AutoPan does not require a specific calibration measurements nor of a minimum or fixed distance away from the subject
AutoPan allows any camera or camera to make pan movements at any point on the slider, exactly in the desired place. This means that you do not have limits of rotation during movement of the carriage along the slider

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