AutoPan by Shootools is the first practical electronic panning system that can be used universally to any slider of each length and brand; simple to use is fully programmable according to the specific needs of the user.
Designed to support the needs of filmmakers and professionals, this new ShooTools products is the optimal tool to implement video productions with excellent cinematic effects.
It can be used regardless of manual and motorized slider. It can also be installed on the dolly and is designed to also support video heads
Thanks to its light weight, it can be carried easily anywhere
Being a programmable instrument, it allows the creation of incredible AutoPan panning shots effortless and above all without the use of additional tools
Four types of recovery: target, landscape, spin and async
Standard hole ⅜ “as well as a ¼” pin easily allow the installation AutoPan to the slider or a video head to AutoPan
AutoPan does not require a specific calibration measurements nor of a minimum or fixed distance away from the subject
AutoPan allows any camera or camera to make pan movements at any point on the slider, exactly in the desired place. This means that you do not have limits of rotation during movement of the carriage along the slider

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Slider Syrp long track 160 cm

The Syrp Magic Carpet Short Track is a durable slider for smooth and professional movements. The Magic Carpet is ‘Genie friendly’ and has everything you need to have motion control. Suitable for the needs of videomakers and easy to assemble.

Smart Slider Pro 1300

Smart Slider Pro 1300 Consists of two parts, the motor (DigiMOTOR PRO) and the drive system (DIGIDRIVE), can be mounted on SLIDER Pro 1300 transforming it into a motorized system, usable with a PC or controller. The innovative handling...

Dolly 4×4

MovieTech’s brand new 4 × 4 Dolly features many innovations that are not common in its class.

Slider Modula 3 in 1 (40, 80, 150cm)

Slider Modula 3 in 1 (40, 80, 150cm) Three interchangeable binary configurations: 40 80 and 150 cm amplify the possibility of production in more full autonomy, simply by installing the trolley A Solution to the...

Genie II Linear

Genie II Linear is a highly portable and versatile motion control solution. It can be attached to any slider on the market by offering precise control of linear movement up to 100 m in length.

Slider Syrp (Magic Carpet Pro with Linear and Genie II Pan – Tilt)

Slider Syrp composed by Magic Carpet Pro, Genie II Linear and Genie II Pan Tilt.

Skylite panel

Skylite panel The Joe McNally Skylite contains a standard aluminum frame Lastolite 1,1 m x 1,1 m plus a new diffuser panel” sliding” from -2 stops. The telescopic support can hold the frame Skylite and up to 4 flash mounted on skids sliding distance or you can...

MOTOR Pro 1300

MOTOR Pro 1300 DigiMOTOR PRO, along with DIGIDRIVE, lets you turn any SmartSLIDER PRO in a real motor system with Digital Motion Control. Specifications Engine industrial-Low Noise equipped with encoder Absolute precision angular positioning (0.0000073 °) Very high...

MediaPro Linear Slider

MediaPro Linear Slider 1m for DSLR MediaPro Linear Slider is a quiet, smooth and versatile DSLR slider. It's easy to carry and has an universal camera mount plate compatible with the most of cameras. It can be adjusted up to 13 cm high...

Carbon fiber extendable slider 80 cm

The ES80 80 cm extendable slider by E-Image allows the slider to extend indefinitely by adding rods every 80 cm in carbon fiber.

MediaPro Flycam

MediaPro Flycam is stabilizer quick and easy to set up and balance, and it can be used as a Monopod.

MediaPro Carbon fiber slider 120 cm

MediaPro Carbon fiber slider 120 cm adopts 6pcs steel roller bearings, more smooth and steady compared with most track dolly sliders.

MultiSlider XL

The MultiSlider XL, thanks to a carriage with ball bearings, guarantees smooth movements. Motion controller with DMX functionality available.

Mega Chimera

Mega Chimera equipped with wheels with the possibility of putting up to 2 1000w lights.

MediaPro portable video slider 17″

MediaPro portable video slider 17" MediaPro portable video slider is small enough to get into tight spaces yet long enough to maximize your range of motion When mounted on a tripod. It also allows you to do interesting...

Slider Precision 120 cm

Slider Precision 120 cm Slider precision 120 cm is extremely Smooth, Versatile, Low & Wide Slider with 360° Rotation Specifications Slider length 120 cm Load capacity 70 kg Slider weight 13,4 kg Tripod mount Base Bowl 100mm +...

MediaPro Flexi Track

Flex track can be used with many dollies for smooth rolling pans

MediaPro Slider 120 cm

MediaPro Slider 120 cm MediaPro Slider 120 is really quick and easy to setup, the construction is in quality aluminium with silver anodized coating and has noiseless bush technology. Specifications Linear Slider lenght 120 cm...

Dolly CD6

Dolly CD6 equipped with basic platform, suitable for crane 120.

MediaPro Carbon fiber slider 120 cm

MediaPro Carbon fiber slider 120 cm This slider adopts 6pcs steel roller bearings, more smooth and steady compared with most track dolly sliders with 4pcs steel roller bearings on the market. It can be installed on tripod for...

Image stabilizerTrack slider

Image stabilizerTrack slider Track Slider compatible with fluid heads 3/8". Specifications Width 1,5 m Maximum load 7 kg

Motion Control for Modula Sliders

Motion Control for Modula Sliders Thanks to this excellent kit, compatible only with MODULA sliders, you can upgrade your One Series slider. In a handful of minutes, you can motorize your slider and make extremely fluid...

MediaPro Camera Cage for Sony a7/a7r/a7s

The sturdy handle allows front and back positioning as per your shooting needs, cable clamp prevents accidental cable disconnects.

MediaPro LCD Mounting Arm

Suitable for monitors preview up to 7″

Slider Modula 2 in 1 (40, 80cm)

Slider Modula 2 in 1 (40, 80cm) Two interchangeable binary configurations: 40cm & 80cm amplify the possibility of Production In More Full autonomy, simply by installing the trolley A Solution to the other in...

Image stabilizer Steadystick

Image stabilizer Steadystick Steady Stick provides you with relief from the strain of extended periods of handheld shooting by removing the weight of the camera from your shoulder and back. Specifications Load capacity 13.6 kg lenght Open: 23" Folded: 19" Head...

Rocker Dolly

Fitted with a seat, a bazooka and a ball adapter, the Rocker Dolly can also be used as a ride-on unit.

Tubular tracks

Tubular tracks Self-centered tracks 6,40m

Genie II Pan Tilt

Genie II Pan Tilt offers the director a world of options during filming. It is possible to use with a tripod for precise control of the Pan and Tilt camera or to combine with Genie II Linear for 3-axis movement control.

Master tracks

Master tracks Master tracks for Dolly, two types, both straight and curved up to 45 °. Fitted with a seat, a bazooka and a ball adapter, the Rocker Dolly can also be used as the unit man aboard. (Operator weight up to 100 kg) Specifications The one-piece profile of...