Sachtler Video 25 Plus FB Tripod
Sachtler Video 25 Plus FB Tripod
The Sachtler Video 25 Plus FB tripod is a lightweight, durable and reliable tripod to use.
Max capacity load From 8 to 35 kg
Sliding Range 120 mm
Pan bar length From 350 to 520 mm
Weight 4.10 kg

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Monopod Specifications Mount 1/4" Load capacity 3 kg Weight 270 g Max. Height 1710 mm Min. Height 550 mm Closed lenght 560 mm

Cartoni Focus 18 Tripod

Cartoni Focus 18 Tripod The FOCUS 18 is the ideal support for the latest cameras weighing from 0 to 18Kg. Specifications Max capacity load 18 kg Head weight 3,5 kg Bown diameter 100 mm Pan Range 360° Tilt Range +90°/-70° Temperature Range...

Sachtler Video 25 Plus FB Tripod

The Sachtler Video 25 Plus FB tripod is a lightweight, durable and reliable tripod to use.

Cartoni Focus 8 Tripod

Cartoni Focus 8 Tripod Featuring the lightweight 75mm Focus 8 Fluid Head with a Sliding Plate System, this Cartoni Kit is designed for entry-level users who shoot with up to 8 kg of load. The Focus 8 provides perfect balance along its...

Tripod Manfrotto 504HD

Tripod Manfrotto 504HD Kit Manfrotto aluminum tripod with fluid head and the star on the ground. Specifications Minimum height 45,5 cm Maximum height 169.4 cm Weight 6,2 kg Load capacity 7.5...

Manfrotto Pro Video Monopod

Manfrotto Pro Video Monopod Solid and stable three-section professional monopod featuring sure rubber grip, suction cup foot, quick-action leg locks, wrist strap and 357 sliding camera plate adapter to adjust the camera's center of balance. Ideal for ENG style...

Cart Tripod

Cart Tripod Thanks to its lightweight, can be easily transport. Its locking system stands makes it compatible with almost every type of tripod in production. Specifications Multidirectional wheels with independent block Easy system of locking / unlocking wheels Locks...

Vinten Vision 250 Tripod

With a choice of easily replaceable spherical or flat bases, Vision 250 can be mounted on any pedestal or tripod, making the Vision 250 head one of the most versatile products in the range.

Remote control 521 EX

Remote control 521 EX The Manfrotto Remote Control 521EX is designed for Sony PMW EX1/EX1R/EX3 cameras. Specifications Weight 135 g Cable lenght 100 cm Clamp range – max. (round tube) 35 cm Clamp range – max (rectang. tube) 30 cm Clamp range – min. (round tube) 5 cm...

TP-100 tripod

TP-100 Tripod with extendable floor star Tripod suitable for 100 mm fluid heads.

Tripod Manfrotto 509HD

Tripod Manfrotto 509HD Manfrotto aluminum tripod with fluid head and star on the ground. Specifications Minimum height 44,5 cm Maximum height 168,5 cm Weight 7,3 kg Maximum load 13 kg

EG40 PLUS Video tripod kit with a fluid heavy duty head up to 40 kg

This heavy duty EG40 PLUS Video tripod kit is specifically designed to support Cine and Studio cameras weighing up to 40 kg.

Photo camera Manfrotto tripod

Photo camera Manfrotto tripod This photo camera tripod by Manfrotto has a head with quick release and a secondary safety system and has a load capacity of 8 kg. Head 808RC4 specifications Attachment 3/8'' female thread attachment type...

EG25C PLUS Video tripod kit with a fluid head

This heavy duty carbon fiber EG25C PLUS Video tripod kit supports up to 28kg. It includes a GH25 fluid head and ECT100L carbon fiber legs.

Manfrotto XPRO+ video monopod in carbon

Manfrotto XPRO + video monopod, carbon, 5 sections, fluid base (MVMXPROC5) The new XPRO 5-section carbon fiber monopod is a new fluid professional video monopod designed to satisfy videographers who need a portable, high-performance monopod that they can easily carry...

MOTUS 32 video tripod kit with a MH32 fluid head

The E-IMAGE MOTUS 32 video tripod kit is composed by a MH32 fluid head and a heavy duty carbon fiber tripod legs It supports cameras up to 32kg.

Manfrotto XPRO+ video monopod

Manfrotto XPRO + video monopod with fluid base and video head (MVMXPRO500) The XPRO aluminum monopod, 4 sections, with video head, is a professional video monopod created to meet the needs of videographers who want to make the most of the height of their monopod to...

Manfrotto Nitrotech N12 Tripod

Manfrotto Nitrotech N12 Tripod The NITROTECH N12 fluid video head has been realized by a state-of-the-art technology, it consists of a piston containing nitrogen, a mechanism that allows a continuous control and a precise control of the camera and accessories from 4...

Monopod MC600 with payload up to 20 kg

The MC600 monopod with foldable base has a a flip-lock leg system that you can disengage. Each leg can be extended up to a maximum height of 190 cm.

Flat base fluid head for dollies, slider and tripods

The Flat base fluid head 630FH for dollies, slider and tripods provides smoother shooting, better balance and precise movement.

Video tripod kit for cameras and DSLR up to 15 kg

This EG15A2 Video tripod kit by E-Image has a fluid head GH15 assembled with a aluminium tripod. It features a 100 mm bowl.


Fluid head for dollies, slider and tripods

The fluid video head EH630 supports cameras and accessories up to 5 kg. It features a 75mm bowl and an innovative “Snap-in” system for better attachment.

MediaPro Hi-Hat Bowl 100 mm

MediaPro Hi-Hat Bowl 100 mm t allows the assembly of fluid video / cinematographic heads, to obtain exceptional films without vibrations and mounts in any place where it is not possible to place standard tripods.

EI-7004C dolly for tripods and video equipment up to 60 kg

EI-7004C is a sturdy dolly by E-Image designed for working with heavy tripod systems. The 100 mm wheels can be braked individually.

Manfrotto PIXI Mini tripod

Manfrotto PIXI Mini tripod With a universal ¼” screw thread and perfect stability, you can use the Manfrotto PIXI mini-tripod with a range of digital devices weighing up to 1kg. Thanks to its rubber feet, this tripod also guarantees a sturdy, slip-free foundation,...

MediaPro 100 mm mini bowl head tripod

MediaPro 100 mm mini bowl head tripod Made of rugged, heavy-duty aluminum, MediaPro 100 mm mini bowl head tripod is an all metal construction with a large tube diameter that provides extraordinary stability to your...

Manfrotto fluid head 502AH

Manfrotto fluid head 502AH (MVH502AH) Full smoothness control while shooting thanks to the variable fluid mechanisms. Ideal for latest camcorder and HDSLR cameras supplied with external accessories (4kg max capacity). The head can be combined with all photo tripods,...

MediaPro 75 mm bowl head tripod

MediaPro 75 mm bowl head tripod Specifications Bowl 75 mm Tilt head Max height 59" Min height 27" Capacity load 22 kg Bowl weight 2,2 kg Sections Aluminum legs Leg Lock Type-Locking Knobs 3-Stage with quick action knobs...

MediaPro 100 mm bowl head tripod

MediaPro 100 mm bowl head tripod Ideal for use with digital SLR, digital compact and video cameras, MediaPro 100 mm bowl head tripod with Spreader is very lightweight and highly portable in nature. Specifications Bowl...

Manfrotto Monopod

Manfrotto Monopod 4 section monopod, it is the best solution for compactness and lightweight. The fortified alloy tube, constructed using the exclusive D-shape, ensures additional stability for a creative and enjoyable shooting experience. It has a solid aluminium...
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