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Broncolor lamp extension cable 10 m for lamps up to 3200 J
Broncolor lamp extension cable 10 m for lamps up to 3200 J
With this 10 m extension cable , you can extend the range of any Broncolor flash head, it fits into any Broncolor AC power supply.

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Flash Profoto ProHead Plus UV 250W

The ProHead Plus is the standard torch for Pro studio generators. It is remarkably light and compact in size, yet robust and compact like the Pro generators themselves.

Octagonal Softbox 150cm

Bowens and/or Elinchrom attachment

Bowens attachment for Softbox

Attacco Bowens per Softbox

Flash Profoto B10 Plus AirTTL Duo Kit

The Profoto B10 Plus is twice as powerful as the previous B10 and ten times more than a speedlight. The small size allows you to take it anywhere.

Lantern softbox – 70 cm diameter

This Lantern softbox with 70 cm diameter is equipped with Bowens mount and has a diffusion range of 360°. It can be combined with lamps from various brands, such as SWIT, Aputure LS series, Nanlite, Amaran, Godox, etc.

Broncolor grid 40° for Para 88 reflector

Broncolor Grid 40 ° for Para 88 reflector, allows a perfectly controlled light for product photography. It can be used to illuminate portrait and fashion photography to avoid unwanted reflections.

Profoto Umbrella Shallow White (85 cm)

This 85 cm Profoto Shallow white umbrella, weighing only 0.85 kg, is the ideal light modifier when you need soft light with wide diffusion.

Battery for Move 1200 L

The 6.6 Ah Rechargeable Lithium Battery from Broncolor weighs 4.5 kg and is designed for use with the Move 1200 L Power Pack.

Broncolor Diffuser 2 (1 f-stop) for Para 88

The Broncolor Diffuser 2 (1 f-stop) 34″ for Para 88 with a unique quality of light that melts and breaks like an umbrella. It is a translucent cloth that fits on the front of the Para and affects a reduction quite evident both in the output and in the contrast of the light. The quality of the light becomes softer.


Profoto Umbrella Deep Silver (130 cm)

This 130 cm Profoto Deep silver umbrella, weighing only 1.1 kg, is the ideal light modifier when you need soft light with wide diffusion.


Flash Profoto B10X Plus OCF

The Duo Flash Kit Profoto B10X Plus OCF includes two battery chargers, two stand adapters, and a padded Core backpack.

Broncolor LED F160

The new Broncolor LED F160 lamp has a maximum brightness of 12,000 lumens and a color temperature varying between 2800 and 6800 K, with steps of 50K.

Broncolor Octabox 150 cm

he Broncolor Octabox is an octagonal softbox with a diameter of 150 cm. The quality of the light is similar to that of a rectangular softbox of similar dimensions, but the octagonal shape provides even more homogeneous lighting.


Male and female voices of the best professionists are at your disposal for dubbing of various types.

Grid S 30° for 45° Reflector

Grid S 30° for 45° Reflector

Rectangular Softbox 60×90 cm

Rectangular Softbox 60x90 cm Bowens and/or Elinchrom attachment

Flash 1200W

Flash Pilot II-1200, dotato di un design avanzato e con una deviazione massima di solo l’1%, questa serie è appositamente progettata per avvicinarsi all’ideale di flash perfetto in un modo mai visto prima.

Profoto Soft Bounce

The Soft Bounce for the A1 on-camera flash is perfect for people and portraits because the light is soft and captivating.

Parabola 45° Reflector

Parabola 45° Reflector Compatible with Bowens

Profoto OCF Zoom Reflector

The OCF Zoom Reflector is designed to bring out the best in Profoto flat front lights.

Broncolor Para 88 reflector

The Para 88 Broncolor Reflector, with less than 6 kg the Para 88 is a light weight with a super compact design. It can be easily assembled with the new opening system. The Para 88 is perfect for outdoor shooting and smaller studios. Various accessories available for updating the Para 88 reflector.

Profoto Rfi Softbox 120 x 180 cm

With a size of 120 x 180 cm and a weight of 3.9 kg, this Profoto Rfi softbox provides maximum control in shaping light. The larger the light source in relation to the subject, the softer the light.

Grid S 15° for 45° Reflector

Grid S 15° for 45° Reflector

Profoto Umbrella Shallow Silver (85 cm)

This 85 cm Profoto Shallow silver umbrella, weighing only 0.85 kg, is the ideal light modifier when you need soft light with wide diffusion.


Profoto RFi Softgrid Octa 150 cm

The Profoto RFi Softgrid Strip 50° Octa 5′ reduces light spread to 50°, creating a more direct light and eliminating stray light.

Profoto Rfi Softgrid 30 x 180 cm

This Profoto 50° Softgrid for 30 x 180 cm RFi Softbox, with only a 0,19 kg weight, is an ideal way to direct and control the light output of your Light Shaping Tool.

Flash Profoto A10

The Profoto A10 compact flash for Sony is designed to give soft and delicate lighting, but at the same time natural and beautiful.

Broncolor Focusing Tube F88

This F88 Broncolor focusing tube is for the Para 88 reflector and features a 5/8″ mount for conventional heads.

Elinchrom style RX 1200W

Elinchrom style RX 1200W The range of Style RX 1200 unit, with power variation from 1200 Ws to 37 Ws, withstands the most extreme and demanding condition.. Specifications Dimensions 30 x 14 cm Weight 3.45 kg Maximum Watt per second 1200 w/s Flash duration 1/1450 sec...

Flash Profoto ProHead Plus UV 500W

The Profoto ProHead Plus UV 500W flash is the standard flashlight for Pro studio generators. It is remarkably light and compact in size.



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