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Flash Profoto B10
Flash Profoto B10
Profoto B10: the smallest and lightest off-camera flash ever created. With power five times faster than a speedlight, the size and shape of a camera lens, the Profoto B10 lets you be creative with light everywhere.
Power supply Battery
Max. Watt 250 ws
Energy range 10 f-stops (1.0-10)
Color temperature Adjustable 3000-6500K (+-500K)
Compatible features Flash sync
Remote control
High Speed Sync
Recycle time 0.05-2s
F-stop @ 2m / 100 ISO 22.7 with OCF Magnum reflector
11.9 without reflector
Dimensioni 11 x 17,5 x 10 cm
Peso 1,5 kg

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Broncolor Octabox 150 cm

he Broncolor Octabox is an octagonal softbox with a diameter of 150 cm. The quality of the light is similar to that of a rectangular softbox of similar dimensions, but the octagonal shape provides even more homogeneous lighting.

Profoto Rfi Softbox 90 x 90 cm

Con una dimensione di 90 x 90 cm e il peso di 1.9 kg, questo softbox Profoto Rfi fornisce il massimo controllo nel modellare la luce.

Broncolor Transmitter RFS 2,1

Transmitters for the wireless activation of broncolor Move, Scoro and Siros, the operating distance is up to 200 m, indoors up to 50 m.

Broncolor LED F160

The new Broncolor LED F160 lamp has a maximum brightness of 12,000 lumens and a color temperature varying between 2800 and 6800 K, with steps of 50K.

Flash Profoto A1X

The Profoto A1X Flash is designed to support light shaping capabilities and thanks to the round shape of the head it allows for soft and delicate lighting, but at the same time natural and beautiful.

Valeria D.

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Rectangular Softbox 60×90 cm

Rectangular Softbox 60x90 cm Bowens and/or Elinchrom attachment

Broncolor grid 40° for Para 88 reflector

Broncolor Grid 40 ° for Para 88 reflector, allows a perfectly controlled light for product photography. It can be used to illuminate portrait and fashion photography to avoid unwanted reflections.

Flash Canon 580EX II + bounce dome

Canon Speedlite 580EX II Improve flash photography thanks to this portable Speedlite flash and higher level. The guide number 58 and the metering E-TTL II provide adequate power and accurate flash exposure. Specifications Scope of E-TTL II It works as a slave flash or...

Powerpack Move Broncolor 1200 L with 2 output

The powerpack Broncolor Move 1200 L generator with lithium battery by Broncolor, ideal for outdoor as it weighs only 6 kg, is perfect for sport or dance shooting, as well as fast moving subjects in general.

Profoto Rfi Softbox 30 x 180 cm

With a size of 30 x 180 cm and a weight of 2.4 kg, this Profoto Rfi softbox provides maximum control in shaping light.

Flash Broncolor Pulso G 3200 J

Broncolor Pulso G 3200 J strobe light with a maximum load capacity of 3’200 J

Broncolor L40 standard reflector

Broncolor’s L40 is an ideal standard reflector for Siros, Siros S and Siros L, designed to achieve brighter light and perfect illumination.

Broncolor Beautybox 65

The Broncolor Beautybox 65 reflector has an opaque white interior coating which helps eliminate double shadows which tend to happen with other reflectors. A front diffuser is also included to create a light similar to that which comes out of an Octabox.

Grid S 15° for 45° Reflector

Grid S 15° for 45° Reflector

Flash Profoto A10

The Profoto A10 compact flash for Sony is designed to give soft and delicate lighting, but at the same time natural and beautiful.

Broncolor Diffusore 3 (1 1/2 f-stop) per Para 133

The Broncolor Diffuser 3 (1 1/2 f-stop) for Para 133 is a translucent cloth accessory that fits on the front of the Para and affects a 1 stop reduction very evident both in the output and in the contrast of the light.

Profoto Battery Charger for A1/A1X

This charger quickly and easily recharges the lithium-ion battery of the A1 with this small and compact battery charger.

Profoto Rfi Softbox 40 x 60 cm

With a size of 40 x 60 cm and a weight of 1.1 kg, this Profoto Rfi softbox provides maximum control in shaping light. The larger the light source in relation to the subject, the softer the light.

Flash 800W

Flash 800W Flash MSN II 800W, with advanced design, offers more stable and reliable performance. Specifications Dimensions 30,3 x 14 x 14 x cm Weight 2,6 kg Flash duration 1/8000 sec Operating voltage AC220V 50/60hz 10A fuse Color temperature 5500K+/-200K Fan Cooling...

Profoto Air Remote TTL for Canon

Thanks to the Profoto Air Remote TTL for Canon, you can also leave the meter at home and shoot faster. Operativity range up to 300 m.

Profoto Rfi Softgrid 30 x 180 cm

This Profoto 50° Softgrid for 30 x 180 cm RFi Softbox, with only a 0,19 kg weight, is an ideal way to direct and control the light output of your Light Shaping Tool.

Profoto OCF Zoom Reflector

The OCF Zoom Reflector is designed to bring out the best in Profoto flat front lights.

Flash Profoto ProTwin UV 500W

The ProTwin is a single torch with two outputs and two flash tubes. You can connect both sockets to the same generator to halve the duration of the flash or to two separate generators to double the power or to recharge the flash in half the time.

Fresnel lens 3x 12-40° with 10 color filters

This 12-40° 3x Fresnel lens for lights with 10 color filters is designed to focus the beam of LED lights equipped with Bowens mounts. Comes with a set of 10 colored filters.

Broncolor Diffuser 1 (1/2 f-stop) for Para 133

Broncolor Diffuser 1 (1/2 f-stop) for Para 133 is an almost transparent cloth that fits on the front of the Para and slightly decreases the output and contrast of light while softening reflections.

Octagonal Softbox 150cm

Bowens and/or Elinchrom attachment

Broncolor Softbox 30 x 120 cm

This Broncolor Softbox is a 30 x 120 cm light modeler that creates diffused light. This type of soft light is useful in photography and in portrait. The amount of diffusion can be adjusted via a removable deflector and in addition, it is able to accept grids and other accessories for changing the light.

Included with this softbox are 4 rods for mounting. In addition, it comes with the internal deflector, a diffuser front panel and a transport bag for storage.

Profoto Li-ion battery for B10/B10PLUS

With this spare rechargeable lithium ion battery developed specifically for the B10 you will have maximum autonomy during your shootings.


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