5500 W Mono Generator
5500 W Mono Generator
5500 W generator for events.
Motor 4T HP 13 cc 389
Stator copper Three-phase power kW 5.5
Capacity l 25
Weight kg 75
Electric start
Dimensions cm 70×53 h 56

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Honda Hi-Tech EU70is generator

The HONDA EU70is is a single-phase, super-silenced 7 kW generator with inverter technology voltage regulator.

5500 W Mono Generator

Vocas Professional Kit suitable for medium-sized rooms with a 1/4 “threaded hole.

2800 W portable Generator

2800 W portable Generator for events

Steel curtain queue management column

Steel curtain steel column Extensible varnished black painted steel column queue management for dividing spaces and removing files in museums, shops, offices or fairs and events. Specifications Height 980 mm Column diameter Ø 63,5mm Base Ø 340mm Weight 13,70 kg Approx...
P3000 PowerSmart generatore

P3000 PowerSmart inverter generator

This P3000 PowerSmart generator is safe for sensitive equipment such as smartphones, laptops, TVs and gaming systems – inverter technology produces smoother power.

Modular Stage Roadstage 2×1 m

Fireproof and non-slip Carply walking surface for the Roadstage modular stage system, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Legs for Modular Stage Roadstage 2×1 m

Legs for Modular Stage Roadstage 2x1 m. Tubular aluminum legs for Modular Stage Roadstage 2x1 m. Specifications Feet made of non-slip rubber Dimensions (cm): 20, 40, 60, 80, 100, 120

Cable Cross two raceways 1 m

Robust cable shelf with two lanes for crossing pipes up to 30mm in section.

Cable Cross three raceways 90 cm

Robust cable shelf with three lanes for crossing pipes up to 54mm in section.

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