Floating dumbbell with screw for GoPro
Floating dumbbell with screw for GoPro
Compatible with GoPro Hero3, Hero3+ and Hero4

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Stabilizer G5 360° for gopro waterproof

This gopro stabilizer is a waterproof splashproof stabilization system compatible with GoPro HERO5 Black, HERO4 and HERO3 / 3 +. It has vertical tilt and 360 ° panoramic rotation and 245 ° roll. It is fully manageable even at a distance with the free app available for iOS and Android. With built-in joystick, capable of rotating 360 ° on three axles. Possibility to load the camera and read sd card during use.

GoPro car suction cup

The suction cup for GoPro can be fixed both inside and outside the passenger car and, thanks to its powerful seal, is able to withstand stress even at high speeds.

Floating dumbbell with screw for GoPro

Compatible with GoPro Hero3, Hero3+ and Hero4

Chest harness for GoPro

Chest Harness for GoPro Chesty gives you a more immersive way to film than on the helmet. Fully adjustable to fit all sizes, Chesty harness allows you to capture immersive video and photo footage from… your chest! Perfect for any activity where you want to have a shot...

Stabilizer G4 360° for gopro

Stabilizzatore con joystick incorporato, capace di roteare di 360° su tre assi. Possibilità di caricamento della camera e lettura scheda sd durante l’utilizzo.

Headband + QuickClip for GoPro

Headband + QuickClip for GoPro Fully adjustable and adaptable to any size, the headband can be worn on a helmet or directly on his head to shoot footage from a perspective style headlamp. QuickClip provides a mounting ultra-compact, non-invasive and can be used to...

Wi-Fi Remote for GoPro

Wi-Fi Remote for GoPro Check your GoPro camera at a distance with the remote Wi-Fi Remote. Access all GoPro camera settings: on / off and start / stop recording. It is an ideal option for shooting when the camera is mounted on a tripod and away from the operator, and...
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