Image stabilizerTrack slider
Image stabilizerTrack slider
Track Slider compatible with fluid heads 3/8″.
Width 1,5 m
Maximum load 7 kg

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MediaPro LCD Mounting Arm

Suitable for monitors preview up to 7″

MediaPro Car Suction Mount

Car suction cup mount that securely attaches firmly on the car’s glass, on the dashboard or on the roof. In addition, it not only supports cameras, but also offers the best performance to prevent flickering and slipping during shooting.

MediaPro Base Plate Cage for Sony PXW-FS7

This cage is the designated for the Sony FS7 camera. This comfortable shoulder pad provides a better support. 15mm rods clamps are found on the front and back for mounting accessories.

Ronin MX

The Ronin-MX includes all the features of Ronin Ronin and-M, that is, three modes of operation, built-in receiver and remote control, and is also compatible with DJI Assistant 2 and DJI GO, to check the settings of the universal joint.

Crane arm JB 3 m

3 m Crane JB, with possibility of mounting on a tripod, bullstand or stand.

Crane arm JB 2.7

Crane arm JB 2.7 2.7 m Crane JB, with possibility of mounting on a tripod, bullstand or stand. Specifications Folding arm Capacity load 4,5 kg Transport dimensions 120x10x30 cm Weight 5 kg

MOTOR Pro 1300

MOTOR Pro 1300 DigiMOTOR PRO, along with DIGIDRIVE, lets you turn any SmartSLIDER PRO in a real motor system with Digital Motion Control. Specifications Engine industrial-Low Noise equipped with encoder Absolute precision angular positioning (0.0000073 °) Very high...

Motorized Pan Head

Motorized Pan Head The Bescor MP-101 attaches between a tripod and camera and enables panning and tilting the camera remotely Specifications Dimensions 14.7 x 11.4 x 10.2 cm Weight 770 g Power source 4x included 1.5-volt AA batteries Payload 2,7...

Skylite panel

Skylite panel The Joe McNally Skylite contains a standard aluminum frame Lastolite 1,1 m x 1,1 m plus a new diffuser panel” sliding” from -2 stops. The telescopic support can hold the frame Skylite and up to 4 flash mounted on skids sliding distance or you can...

Matte Box DP500 Mark III

Matte Box DP500 Mark III is a professional device universally designed to accommodate all DSLR and video camcorders and it compatible with any industry standard 15mm rail system.

Zacuto Double Barrel

Zacuto Double Barrel The Double Barrel is a system to handle a shoulder that offers many possibilities to use the video operator, is also equipped with a double grip to allow a better stabilization of the frame and to give the possibility to mount and sostenenre also...


Autopan AutoPan by Shootools is the first practical electronic panning system that can be used universally to any slider of each length and brand; simple to use is fully programmable according to the specific needs of the...

Image stabilizerTrack slider

Image stabilizerTrack slider Track Slider compatible with fluid heads 3/8". Specifications Width 1,5 m Maximum load 7 kg

Ikan EC1 Beholder Stabilizer

The Beholder EC1 is designed specifically for professional filmmakers looking for a single handheld stabilizer for a large range of medium and small cameras weighing up to 2 kg. The Beholder EC1 is lightweight and easy to use!

Smart Slider Pro 1300

Smart Slider Pro 1300 Consists of two parts, the motor (DigiMOTOR PRO) and the drive system (DIGIDRIVE), can be mounted on SLIDER Pro 1300 transforming it into a motorized system, usable with a PC or controller. The innovative handling...

Matte box Kit

The Cavision MB4510S is a wide 16×9 Hard Shade Matte Box for Sony PMW-EX1 and EX3.

MediaPro Camera Cage for Sony a7/a7r/a7s

The sturdy handle allows front and back positioning as per your shooting needs, cable clamp prevents accidental cable disconnects.

Image stabilizer HandyMan

Image stabilizer HandyMan The versatile Handy Man for DV / HDV cameras. For cameras from 2 kg to 2.8 kg – optionally with weights up to 3.5 kg. Specifications Dimensions (W x H) 52 x 28 cm Weight 1,6 kg Load capacity 3, 5...

Mega Chimera

Mega Chimera equipped with wheels with the possibility of putting up to 2 1000w lights.

MediaPro Cube Camera Cage

MediaPro Cube Camera Cage is a high-strength cage that adds the ability to connect accessories.


Monopod Specifications Mount 1/4" Load capacity 3 kg Weight 270 g Max. Height 1710 mm Min. Height 550 mm Closed lenght 560 mm

MediaPro Quick DSLR Cage

MediaPro Quick DSLR Cage is suitable for all light camrecorders and DSLRs and ideal for professional or amateur cameramen/filmmakers.

MediaPro Matte Box

With the Matte Box can protect your camera from sunlight during shooting, and then avoid the glare of the lenses. This ensures professional results.

Crane 3,6 m

3.6 m Crane that allows you to raise and lower the camera evenly for stable and smooth shots in an infinite number of 360-degree arcs.

MediaPro Flycam

MediaPro Flycam is stabilizer quick and easy to set up and balance, and it can be used as a Monopod.

Image stabilizer Steadystick

Image stabilizer Steadystick Steady Stick provides you with relief from the strain of extended periods of handheld shooting by removing the weight of the camera from your shoulder and back. Specifications Load capacity 13.6 kg lenght Open: 23" Folded: 19" Head...