Zoom F6 multitrack on-camera recorder
Zoom F6
Zoom F6 multitrack on-camera recorder
The Zoom F6 6-channel, 14-track on-camera multitrack field recorder is ultra-compact. Multitrack with 32-bit float technology for distortion-free dynamic range and up to 14 tracks of simultaneous recording for professional and enthusiast applications on set and in the field. Great for film, on-site sound production/mixing, sound effects recording and electronic news gathering (ENG).
Weight 530 g
Dimensions 10 x 6,3 x 12 cm
Input channels 6
Output channels 2
Connectors 6 x XLR / Line / Mic
2 x jack 3,5 mm
Supported audio formats Bwf, Mp3, Wav, iXML
Battery type 4 x AA
Color Black

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Zoom F6 multitrack on-camera recorder

Zoom F6 on-camera multitrack recorder excellent for filmmaking, on-site sound production/mixing, sound effects recording, and electronic news gathering (ENG).

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