Nanlux DYNO 650C soft RGBW LED
Luce LED Nanlux DYNO 650C soft RGBW con alette e flight case
LED Nanlux DYNO 650C soft RGBW
The Nanlux Dyno 650C soft RGBW LED Light with fins and flight case is an 857.0 x 630.0 x 173.0 mm, 0 to 100 percent dimmable panel with a wide beam spread, making it an excellent choice for all-around use. The panel has a wide color temperature range of 2700 to 20,000 K to meet the challenges of ambient light, match other fixtures, or simply to express creativity. The 650C’s high CRI of 98 indicates superior accuracy in color rendering.
Weight 15,8 kg
Dimensions 85,7 x 63,0 x 17,3 cm
CRI 98
Brightness 3200K: 79 fc / 850 Lux a 16,4′ / 5 m
5600K: 85,4 fc / 919 Lux a 16,4’ / 5 m
Color temperature 2700K ± 20.000K
Dimming 0% – 100%
Power 650 W

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Aluminium support stand kit

Aluminium support stand kit Specifications Color Black Constructon Aluminium Load capacity 10 kg Weight 4,2 kg

Cloth Diffuser SkyRapid 2x2m 1.25 stop

Cloth Diffuser SkyRapid 2x2m 1.25 stop Diffuser cloth for Skyrapid Lastolite Frame Butterfly System 2 × 2 m. Specifications Dimensions 2,00x2,00 m

Arri 575W HMI PAR + ballast

Arri 575W HMI PAR + ballast For the first time the interaction of lamp, reflector and converter lens was taken into consideration and computer simulated, resulting in unmatched light performance. Specifications Weight 4,8 kg Power 575 W Color temperature 6000...

Compactbeam 2000W

Compactbeam 2000W Illuminator Fork Compactbeam 2000W Aluminium Specifications Weight 3,8 kg Power 2000 W Color temperature 3200 K

Broncolor Softbox 30 x 120 cm

This Broncolor Softbox is a 30 x 120 cm light modeler that creates diffused light. This type of soft light is useful in photography and in portrait. The amount of diffusion can be adjusted via a removable deflector and in addition, it is able to accept grids and other accessories for changing the light.

Included with this softbox are 4 rods for mounting. In addition, it comes with the internal deflector, a diffuser front panel and a transport bag for storage.

LED COB light SmallRig 3618 RC 220D

LED COB light SmallRig 3618 RC 220D with 9 built-in lighting effects, maintains high colour fidelity, CRI 95+, TLCI 96+.


NANLITE Pavotube 30C RGB 160W wireless

The Nanlite PavoTube 30C RGB 160W wireless is a versatile studio led that offers 0 to 100% dimmer, maximum output of 2850 lumens.

LED light ETC Source Four Series 2

ETC Source Four Series 2 Lustr LED Light with Shutter Barrel from ETC is an LED fixture that uses the seven-color x7 system with 60 Luxeon Rebel LEDs to create quality light in a range of colors.

Profoto OCF Beauty Dish White (56 cm)

The OCF Beauty Dish creates a soft and at the same time well-defined light, often called “beauty light”. The White Beauty Dish guarantees a softer and slightly more uniform light compared to the silver version.

Flexible Led Light

Lightweight lighting kit for photo and video, utilises flexible lighting pads each with 288 bi-colour LEDs. The flexible panels can be curved or bent to produce the desired lighting effect and are also frost and waterproof.

Multi-level plate – 15 kg

This adjustable camera mounting plate quickly and easily achieves levelled shots and eliminates the need for an additional camera head when shooting angled or vertical creative sliding moves.

Variled 1000 Bicolor

Variled 1000 Bicolor The latest generation of LED illuminators for cine / photo / video: the new and exclusive VARILED 1000 with SMD LED and built-in dimmer. Much more light and much more consumption than common LED lights. SMD able to provide a CRI of 95 for the cine...

Fresnel lens 3x 12-40° with 10 color filters

This 12-40° 3x Fresnel lens for lights with 10 color filters is designed to focus the beam of LED lights equipped with Bowens mounts. Comes with a set of 10 colored filters.

Teleprompter Ultralight 8″

Teleprompter Ultralight 8" ULTRA LITE 8 is a prompter for television, portable, lightweight and compact size, readable from 3.7 m. Specifications VGA, composite, DVI, HDMI inputs Optional 11" arm and hotshoe You can also use the 8” LCD with a HD camera...

ARRI True Blue T1

The Arri T1 Location Fresnel is one of a series that represents an unprecedented evolution of Studio and Location devices that have been popular workhorses for over two decades.
When fitted with a 1000-watt bulb (available separately) this fixture will provide a 2.8′ (0.9 m) diameter beam of 409 fc from a distance of 20′ (6.1 m) at full spot. At full flood (same distance), it will provide a 48 fc, 20.4′ (6.2 m) diameter beam

Flash Profoto ProTwin UV 500W

The ProTwin is a single torch with two outputs and two flash tubes. You can connect both sockets to the same generator to halve the duration of the flash or to two separate generators to double the power or to recharge the flash in half the time.

Rectangular Softbox 60×90 cm

Rectangular Softbox 60x90 cm Bowens and/or Elinchrom attachment

Frame Butterfly Skyrapid Lastolite 3×3 m

Frame Butterfly Skyrapid Lastolite 3x3 m Rust-resistant aluminum frame Specifications Dimensions 3,00x3,00 m

Black curtain blackout 4×4 m

Black curtain blackout 4x4 m Cloth compatible with Butterfly Modular Frame system from 2×2 to 4×4 m Specifications Dimensions 4x4 m


Bullstand Stand for Cranes and Sliders. Specifications Maximum load Approx. 100 kg Min/Max height Approx. 89/125 cm

Profoto Rfi Softgrid 30 x 180 cm

This Profoto 50° Softgrid for 30 x 180 cm RFi Softbox, with only a 0,19 kg weight, is an ideal way to direct and control the light output of your Light Shaping Tool.

ARRI True Blue D25

This black True Blue D25 2500W HMI Fresnel from ARRI is another example of their completely redesigned True Blue series. The 10″ Fresnel with a beam angle variable from 6-59° is protected with stainless steel mesh. Pressure die-cast and extruded aluminum alloy components make the D25 lighter without sacrificing strength while improving corrosion resistance.

PavoBulb Nanlite with accessories

PavoBulb Nanlite with accessories The PavoBulb Nanlite LED bulb - 4-piece kit with accessories has achieved cinema-level colour reproduction through the application of state-of-the-art RGBWW colour mixing technology. It also features a wide CCT...

Grids Set Ø 18cm for Portable Reflector

Grids Set Ø 18cm for Portable Reflector Grids Set Ø 18cm 10°/20°/30°/40° for Portable Reflector

36 LED light

36 LED light Light made ​​of 36 led, 108 W. Specifications Weight 4,5 kg Dimensions 275 x 275 x 108 mm Power 108 W Color temperature 5600 K

Kupole extension tube with a rubber covers

The Kupole KP-L2137BD extension tube with a rubber covers is ideal for constructing shooting structures. Extension range of 2,1 – 3,7 m.

Cubelite Cube Diffuser 45 cm and 120 cm

Cubelite allows the photographer to control product lighting by minimizing shadows and isolating the subject from the background. The easiest and fastest way to get brilliant pictures of products, in locations or in the studio.

Avenger Baby Pipe Clamp

This baby pipe clamp works on diameters from 10mm to 55mm.

Adapter Plate for ARRI V-Mount Batteries

The V-Mount battery adapter for SkyPanel allows you to connect two V-Mount style batteries to the SkyPanel. With a cable, the battery adapter makes SkyPanel truly mobile. Both batteries are necessary to supply the correct voltage to the lamp unit.