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The M8 HMI System II with High Speed Ballast from ARRI provides the core components you’ll need for dynamic high speed shooting. The kit includes an M8 lamp head with MAX technology and the EB 575/800W 1,000Hz High Speed Ballast.
Light output comparable to 1,200 W fixture
Smallest lamphead with MAX Technology reflector
Highly mobile for a wide range of uses
Focus between 15 ° and 60 °
Cross-Cooling allows safe operation even at 90 ° inclination
Use the existing 230 and 245 mm accessories of ARRI True Blue D12 and Chimera
Use existing 575 to 1,800 W cables with an international connector
Suitable for high frame rate images
Tilt locks to keep heavy accessories stable
Dimensions 591 x 350 x 311 mm
Weight 8.7 kg

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