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Audio, video and lighting service, stage set-up

MediaMaking takes care of the audio video lighting service, providing the necessary equipment to set up events of different types and sizes, offering its advice so that the final result is optimal.

Our audio video lighting service

The world of events is increasingly demanding creativity, precision and punctuality in its implementation: MediaMaking is able to meet the needs of the client, whether it is a company meeting, a large conference or a conference. Why choose us? Because we offer customised services based on the client’s needs: multi-purpose equipment, 2D and 3D design of set-ups or support for the realisation of the event. We start with an on-site visit and work to organise a tailor-made service based on the needs of our clients. We provide the complete audio, video and lighting service, as well as the stage set-up. Finally, MediaMaking has a staff of professionals who will take care of the management of the event and ensure its optimal success.
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4K cameras, cine crane, video projectors and LED TV

We have modular LED TV monitors or video projectors with power from 4,500 to 20,000 Ansi Lumen for live contributions, with the possibility of interchangeable lenses. We also provide front and rear projection screens with self-supporting structures of various sizes. Our crew will take care not only of multi-cam shooting with fixed and mobile cameras, but also, where possible, of the installation and management of one or more crane with remote head. We also provide services for streaming and broadcast with high quality and reliability using standard 4K cameras: Blackmagic, Panasonic and Sony.

4K Camcorders

Our cameras are equipped with an image sensor designed for both HD and Ultra HD and allow for amazing textures and details, accurate skin tones, vibrant colors and high-quality dynamic range videos

Crane up to 12 meters

For even more spectacular shots, we provide various solutions such as cranes with three-axis remote heads up to 12m. They are essential for aerial shots of events such as concerts or shows.

Dolly on wheels or master tracks

We also provide dollies on wheels or master tracks to take smooth moving shots or steadicams with an operator to give the shot a cinematic quality.

Teleprompter with an operator

MediaMaking provides teleprompters of different sizes, suitable for every need, also adding the possibility of requesting a technical operator to take care of its use, starting from the assembly of the equipment, up to its true use.

Modular high-resolution 4K HDR Led wall

Our modular 4K ledwalls, with a pixel pitch of 1.95, are the ideal solution for professionals who want to show their products and/or their services, and can be used in fairs and congresses, but also concerts, advertising events or presentations. The projected images will be in large format and will be perfectly visible, even outdoors and in full sun. In addition, thanks to their modular mounting system and intelligent electronics, modular 4K LED walls allow for almost total customization: the size and shape of the screen are fully adaptable to your needs.

Fixed lights, moving LED heads, light mixers and fog machines

The placement and programming of lights are fully customizable according to customer preferences and adaptable to the required situation. We mount truss structures with the possibility of fixed or variable height rig through the use of towers, with all types of lights and effects, such as Wash and Beam moving LED heads. We have wide availability of fixed lights: PC, quartz, light shapers with variable lenses and blinder. For an ambient effect we work with multicolor LED bars, multicolor wireless battery lighting, as well as led tubes and strips. The set up is completed by the effect machines: fog, low fog, fan and bubble machines.
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Audio service, microphones, mixers, multitrack recording

Our last-generation audio speakers have the possibility of being mounted both on the ground and at high altitude. Through the audio direction it is possible to manage different sources, creating a totally immersive atmosphere, a real experience for the audience. Our Allen & Heat quality mixers also offer the possibility of multitrack recording on digital decks. We provide microphones and wireless microphones with digital system of different types: headset and lavaliers ideal for situations where minimal visibility is required, Sennheiser and Shure handheld microphones. On request it is also possible to provide simultaneous translation systems, consisting of mobile two-seater cabins, with intuitive control console for interpreters in the cabin.

troupe audio video lighting: Staff, skilled and professional operators

MediaMaking has a professional staff for your service that will manage your event ensuring its optimal success. The producer will take care of the pre-production step, analyzing the location and all the critical issues that may arise, working together with the stage designer to create a realistic set-up preview. The crew is generally composed of video and lights technicians, sound engineers, electricians and camera operators, depending on how the event is structured. You can also request figures such as DJs, drivers, runners and to have also support for logistics and catering.

Service tecnici e Crew



Camera Operators

Crane Operator

Dolly Operator

Light Designer

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FOH Engineer

Stage Technician

Backliners / Sound Engineers


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